Recreation Hall Rental

The Rancho Recreation Hall is great for birthday parties, classes, auctions, receptions, or other social gatherings. The space comes equipped with a kitchenette, TV, folding padded chairs, rectangular tables, and circular tables.

Reservations can be made online between 7 days and 6 months in advance. Summer availability is limited due to programs and events

Please email [email protected] if you would like to make a reservation outside of this window. Click here to make a reservation.

• 160 person capacity with chairs only
• 80 person capacity with tables and chairs

Base Prices

Offpeak (weekdays and weekends until 12pm)

Peak (Weekends 12 to 11 pm)


Offpeak  $60/hr

Peak $80/hr


Offpeak $40/hr

Peak $60/hr