The Future

The Future of the Rancho Pool

What is Happening?

The Rancho Pool is at an important crossroad in its history and we need your feedback as we look at how best to serve the community in the future.

Issue #1

The Rancho Pool is planning its next steps. We are very interested in what our residents and pool users would like to see over the next several years. Your opinions will help shape our priorities in the future.

Issue #2

The City of Cupertino is currently considering acquiring the pool facility. What this means for users is unclear, but prices and programs may change. Your feedback will influence future actions on this issue.

Strategic Plan Approved!

Thank you for all the valuable feedback!

The Rancho Board of Directors approved a strategic plan with your input.

The plan has refreshed the mission, vision, and values of the pool and has set several ambitious goals for the years ahead! The following is a summary of the major objectives of identified in the plan.

  1. Continue to operate as an independent district separate from the City of Cupertino
  2. Improve the pool’s digital footprint and accessibility–this means online registration and payment
  3. Improve community outreach and communication
  4. Perform a program needs assessment to ensure that we are bringing the best and most desired programs to you!

Please contact us if you have any questions about the plan, it’s objectives, or have any input at [email protected].

A Message from the Manager

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  • Complete – review draft strategic plan and take public comment June 10th
  • Complete – April 14th Rancho Board Workshop
  • Complete – April 12th Public survey
  • Complete – March 25th Public Workshop #2
  • Complete – March 24th Public Workshop #1
  • Complete – March 5th Rancho Board Workshop #1
  • Complete – January & February Individual Interviews with Board & Key Staff


Rancho Pool was formed in the 1950’s back when the surrounding area was still mostly farmland. For the past 65 years, the Rancho Pool has provided a safe place for the community to spend their summers.

Today, Rancho is one of the few remaining public pools in the area. We continue to thrive as a result of our popular, affordable and wholesome programs, and consistently low fees.

By establishing strong and effective safety protocols, we were one of the only public pools that was able to stay open throughout the COVID-19 pandemic to continue serving the community.

The Rancho Pool is an independent special district. Independent special districts are owned by their community and are overseen by a board of elected representatives.

You can read more about California Special Districts by clicking HERE.

You can see the Rancho Pool Resident area by clicking HERE.

The Rancho Pool is a public pool. Everyone is welcome!

Resident and user feedback will be used to identify and prioritize the goals of the Rancho pool for the next several years. This could include changing program hours to better reflect need, offering new programs, upgrading the facility, or even accepting digital currency.

This is a very exciting time and we look forward to hearing from you!

The Rancho is very strong financially and has enough reserves to operate for several years without any revenue.

Email us with your questions, comments, or concerns at [email protected]

The City of Cupertino is considering acquiring the pool because it identified a need for more parks and recreation on the East side of Cupertino and also a need for year-round aquatics.

There are, however, some challenges. The pool is located on the border of San Jose and is not well positioned to serve the City of Cupertino. The parking is extremely limited and would have many of the same limitations as the city run Blackberry Farm pool. There are also significant expense and uncertainties around making the acquisition.

The City of Cupertino will bring program fees in line with the City of Cupertino and make upgrades to the kitchenette, restrooms, and ADA accessibility. This will likely result in a fee increase.

It is not known what will happen to existing programs.

The original timeline called for the pool to be acquired by the end of 2021. However, the Cupertino City Council voted to delay the acquisition at a special meeting on March 2nd. It is unclear when the work would resume.

A portion of resident property tax does go to the Rancho Pool. However, Rancho residents do not pay extra tax.

Residents receive a discount on nearly all programs. This discount has historically ranged between 5 to 25% depending on the program.

Click here to see the resident map HERE.

No. Residents do not pay any additional taxes for being in the District area. An acquisition by the City of Cupertino will not have any effect on taxes paid.

Email us with your questions, comments, or concerns at [email protected]